Welcome to the Master’s Program in Sustainable Design!

Congratulations on your acceptance into the Sustainable Design Master’s Program. By now, you will have received a detailed introduction to the program and how it operates. If you are new to e-Learning tools, you may still have questions about the degree of personal interaction you will receive in this format.

Most lectures are delivered asynchronously using the Canvas e-Learning platform (http://elearning.ufl.edu). This allows you to watch the lectures as many times as you wish according to your schedule and personal learning style.  Every week, the group comes together for a live video conference seminar session to discuss ideas presented in the lectures, readings, projects and other assignments. We also meet once every semester in intensive face-to-face workshops so you get to know your fellow classmates in actual space and work collaboratively on sustainability projects. Research and experience makes us confident that you will find the low residency/e-Learning environment equal to or surpassing the level of interaction, you received in traditional classroom based lecture courses.

To access your courses, go to http://elearning.ufl.edu. You will be able to contact your instructors and fellow students once you log into the system using your GatorLink ID.

For technical issues logging into Canvas, please contact: e-Learning Support Services, E-mail: learning-support@ufl.edu, (352) 392-4357 – select option 2

For registration issues, please contact us:
Cameron Jacques | Admissions Officer 
UF School of Architecture  
College of Design, Construction & Planning 
1480 Inner Road, Room 231D | PO Box 115702  
Gainesville FL 32611-5702 
Office: 352-294-1460 

Student Services

The student services available to distance education students admitted to the Sustainable Design Program (MSAS|SD) are summarized below.

  1. Admissions
    Distance students in the College Design, Construction and Planning (DCP) apply for admission as a student through the UF Admissions office, website: https://admissions.ufl.edu/apply/graduate/, phone 352-392-1365.  The application process is an online process so distance students can complete it without traveling to campus. Please contact us for specifics regarding the application process.

    The DCP website (http://www.dcp.ufl.edu/) contains admission requirements for on campus and distance students.  Any questions about the admission process or to inquire about the status of an application may contact the Office for Academic and Student Affairs at (352) 273-6436.

  2. Financial Aid Assistance
    UF distance learning students are offered the same financial aid services as campus students through the main UF Student Financial Affairs office.   This office provides assistance to UF distance learning students on financial aid matters. The website for UF Student Financial Affairs is http://www.sfa.ufl.edu and phone at (352) 392-1275.
  3. Academic Advising
    Academic Advising is provided to all students, distance and campus, admitted to DCP to help students succeed in their chosen program of study. Students are informed of their Academic Advisor in their admission letter of acceptance. All students in the MSAS|SD track are advised by Prof. Albertus S. Wang, Program Director for the Sustainable Design degree program who can be reached at (352) 294-1420 or by email at aslwang@ufl.edu. Academic Advising is provided for each student every semester prior to Registration and at additional times based on student request or need. Advising for distance students may be conducted via phone conference or synchronous internet-based web programs, such as Zoom.
  4. Student Health
    DCP distance learning students do not have access to the onsite Student Health Center services.
  5. Student Organizations
    The majorities of UF student organizations consist of on-campus students and hold meetings on the UF campus. Therefore, distance learning students do not have access to actively participate in student organizations.
  6. Use of Gyms/Intramural Sports
    DCP distance learning students generally do not participate in the use of on-campus gyms or intramural sports. Any students in the program on campus can contact UF Recsports for membership information.
  7. Counseling Services
    Counseling services for distance learning students is limited.  The UF Counseling & Wellness Center will setup phone consults for distance learning students, but only to assist distance students to find local counseling services for them.  The website for UF Counseling & Wellness is: http://www.counseling.ufl.edu and by phone at:  352-392-1575.
  8. Research/Writing Assistance
    Graduate distance students are encouraged to contact their course instructor for assistance in coursework.   Students may also contact their DCP Academic Advisor or the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs (352) 273-6436.For assistance with research, the George A. Smathers Library home page links to many accessible resources for students (http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/).  For resources specific the disciplines in the College, got to the Architecture and Fine Arts Library site at: https://afa.uflib.ufl.edu. AFA Librarian, Ann Lindell, is available to distance students for consultation at 352-273-2805.
  9. Technology Assistance
    Technical assistance will be provided by DCP Technology. E-learning assistance will be handled by the UF Helpdesk.
  10. Multicultural/diversity student support
    The majority of actives and groups hosted by the UF Multicultural & Diversity Affairs (MCDA) support center are based around on-campus activities, making it difficult for distance students to participate. The website for the MCDA office can be found at:   http://www.multicultural.ufl.edu
  11. Student Concerns
    Any student concerns of an academic or non-academic issue may be directed to the faculty instructor, Academic Advisor, or the Office for Student and Academic Affairs at (352) 273-6436.
  12. Career advising/job placement
    Students have access via email or telephone to faculty mentors and advisors for career advising and job placement assistance in their specialty. Students can also receive career advice during the face-to-face sessions held each semester.
  13. Emergency response
    Distance learning students participate in DCP courses online; therefore UF campus emergency response services are not applicable for distance learning students.

 Online Student Evaluations
All UF DCP distance students are invited to participate in the UF course and instructor evaluation process to express anonymous concerns.  Students are emailed a link to the online course evaluation page when the time window opens for evaluations.

[page updated 11/06/2023]