Applicants to the Master of Science in Architectural Studies (MSAS) degree programs are reviewed application twice yearly. Please submit all application materials by March 1st, 2024 to be considered for the fall semester, or by October 15th, 2024 to be considered for admission in the following spring semester. 

We will consider late applications received after these deadlines only on a space-available basis. For space-availability, contact Albertus Wang ( 

Application materials required by UF Graduate School include: 

  • A bachelor’s degree is required for applicants (students are eligible to apply before their degree is awarded. By this stage in their final year, applicants should have a clear indication of whether their degree will be granted and can apply at their own discretion. The final admission confirmation will depend on the degree being awarded).
  • Ensure the transcript displays a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher (minimum requirement). If the applicant graduated from a non-US college, it is necessary to translate the transcript and convert it into the US grading system.
  • To meet the language proficiency requirement, applicants from non-English speaking countries, including those outside the US, must obtain a minimum score of 80 on the TOEFL exam, or an equivalent score of 6 on the IELTS exam. For further details, please refer to the following link:
  • GRE is not required at the moment.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • A letter of intent is necessary, detailing the applicant’s background and expressing their interest in the program.

    In addition to the application materials required by UF Graduate School: If the applicant has a bachelor’s degree in design-related fields such as architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, or fine art, please submit a portfolio.  

    About Portfolio: (Note that this is only for applicants with design-related fields) Please prepare a digital portfolio of previous design studio work, independent projects, and/or related creative work. The portfolio should demonstrate strength in conceptual design and critical thinking. For architecture portfolios, it needs to show the applicant’s understanding of conventions such as plans, sections, elevations, three-dimensional diagrams, renderings, and physical models, among others. The portfolio is limited to ten (10) 2-page spreads. The preferred page size is 8 ½” x 11”, and it should be saved in PDF format small enough to be sent as an email attachment to Cameron Jacques ( 

    For more information about admissions and the application process, please contact us.

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