The College’s Masters of Science in Sustainable Design degree (MSD) is taught by faculty from all six of our college’s programs, namely Architecture, Building Construction, Historic Preservation, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning. We use the latest e-Learning tools to enhance collaborative learning between faculty, students and visiting experts along with weekly video conferences and three intensive workshops delivered on the UF campus, and international locations to create a dynamic and highly charged learning environment.

Course Structure

Semester 1 13 CR
International Sustainable Development 4 CR
Sustainable Design Problem Solving 4 CR
Ecological Issues in Sustainability (pt.1) 3 CR
Research Design in Sustainability 2 CR
Semester 2 14 CR
Design Studio in Sustainability 6 CR
Ecological Issues in Sustainability (pt. 2) 3 CR
Research Project Proposal Development 2 CR
International Development Planning OR
Introduction to Info Systems (GIS)
3 CR
Semester 3 9 CR
Capstone Research Project 6 CR
Greening New Construction 3 CR

*CR = Credits
**Elective courses are subject to change