Dr. Jones is the Extension Program Leader for Energy Programs. He leads the development and delivery of educational programs and products related to energy- and resource-efficient community development with emphasis on housing. These programs and products include targeted continuing education courses for licensed builders, architects, engineers, landscape architects, interior designers, and others. Topical areas covered in these programs and products include energy efficiency; water conservation and quality; termite control and prevention; windstorm mitigation; resource efficient landscaping; indoor air quality; and other topics.

Dr. Jones works with Extension Specialists through Extension’s Goal, Focus and Work Action Teams as well as other organizational units to encourage progressive and timely delivery of research-based information to various user groups. He also directs the recently established Program for Resource Efficient Communities, an interdisciplinary group that promotes the adoption of “best design, construction, and management practices” in new residential master planned developments.

Before coming to the Extension Administration office, Dr. Jones was an Information Technology Specialist in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. Dr. Jones came to the University of Florida in 1985.