Meet the 2013 Cohort

2012 Cohort

  • Dumas, Cassidy Resnick | Redesigning the Laura Street Trio in Jacksonville, Florida: Sustainable Design Strategies for at Risk Historic Buildings
  • Dzura, Amy | Green Design for Pittsburgh: Better Building Codes
  • Tjindra, Djundi | Residential Land-Use Density and Building Energy Consumption: A Case Study of the City of Gainesville, Florida
  • Topcik, Jodi | Nature in Sustainability Goals: Design Guidelines for Urban Spaces
  • Osiecki, Katherine | Environmental Awareness
  • Hammond, Rhonda | BIM in Sustainable Design: Strategies for Renovation and Retrofit
  • Tang, Dian Yu | Sustaining Culture: Vernacular Architecture and Place-Making in Southwest Hubei, China and North America
  • Zhang, Yi | Using Geospatial Techniques to Identify Priority Habitats in Matanzas Conservation Cluster
  • Wu, Haoqi | Sustaining Vertical Communities: Strategies for the Design of Public Spaces in Tall Buildings