Meet the 2012 Cohort

2012 Cohort

  • Chen, Yi | Sustainable design strategy for a density urban community: project of Singapore waterfront urban complex design
  • Fang, Zhou | Guidelines for public participation at each stage of sustainable design projects
  • Grannan, Dan | Singapore's water independence: analysis of Singapore's goal to be water independent by 2061: Is the plan attainable, sustainable, and efficient?
  • Isley, Christopher | A study of the potential for the integration of sustainable practices in rural and suburban developments through the review of two conventional North Carolina developments
  • Mak, Peter | The evolution of sustainable design in Singapore public housing projects: precedents and proposals
  • Su, Shan | Riparian greenway building methods
  • Wang, Hui | Sustainable stormwater management design approach for University of Florida campus
  • Wang, Lu Wei | Places + stories: sustainable design in historical places
  • Xu, Chen Si | Green Infrastructure on Campus: Does Green Infrastructure Help Water Sustainability?
  • Yu, Si Yu | Shaping the Sustainable City through Water Oriented Urban Design