Meet the 2011 Cohort

2011 Cohort

  • Cao, Yun | Evaluation and Case Study of Flood Adaptation Tools in Local Climate Action Plans of US Cities

  • Chen, Chen | A Study on Sustainable Riverfront Landscape Design: On Design Strategy Based on Ecological Recovery and Context Protection

  • Chen, Kexin | Sustaining Urban Culture: The Design and Operation of Public Art Planning Programs

  • Guan, Tut Chuan | Learning from the Singapore Shophouse: Towards a Sustainable Tropical Architecture

  • He, Miaomiao | A Policy to Promote Green Roofs in China: A Comparison of Green Roof Policies in the US and China

  • He, Rui | A Comparison of the Public Transit Systems of Metropolitan Wuhan and Chicago

  • Huang, Tingting | Research on Sincized Transfer Development Rights (TDR) Inspired by TDR programs in the United States

  • Payne, Samantha | Understanding Vertical Farming in the Context of Urban Agriculture: A Literature Review

  • Reamy, Scott | Examining the Viability of Sustainable Practices for a Large Scale Public Utility

  • Roncek, Jonathan | An Analysis of the Components of an Effective Feed-In Tarriff Program

  • Wan, Pui Hoong | A Sustainable Way to Maintain Greenery Within a City: Using Rain Water Harvesting to Irrigate Vertical Gardens

  • Wang, Xuan | Create a Walkable and Cyclable City Strategies for a Green Transport Network in Wuhan

  • Zhang, Yibo | The Role of Transit-Oriented Development in Urban PLanning of Cities in China

  • Zhu, Dan | Ecotourism and Mountain Wetland - Inventory of the Dajiu Lake Area, Hubei, China